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Wound Care

What is biologic wound matrix?

A chronic wound is a debilitating condition that often leads to a significant decrease in the quality of one’s life.  Whether it’s due to uncontrolled diabetes, trauma, poor circulation, or pressure, a chronic wound may eventually threaten the person’s limb.  In some cases, it can lead to loss of life.  It is vital to address these wounds with a comprehensive strategy to get the wound to close as quickly as possible and that’s where biologic wound matrix comes into the picture. Essentially, a biologic wound matrix is a bioengineered layer, or sheet, of tissue designed from mammalian tissues to be placed over an open wound for purposes of protecting and closing the wound.  There are many new products that incorporate necessary growth factors into these sheets, which in turn helps promotes faster tissue genesis.      

Will it work for me?

Using a biologic wound matrix, non-healing wounds, regardless of their age can be healed in most cases. They can be healed without grafting of human tissue which can be painful and may have significant failure rates. The biologic wound matrix promotes rapid angiogenesis (creates small blood vessels) and localized cell growth. Biologic wound matrix is placed within and/or covering a wound, then resorbed and replaced with new native tissue where scar tissue would normally be expected. It is intended for the management of wounds including: partial and full-thickness wounds, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, chronic vascular ulcers, wound dehiscence, abrasions, lacerations, second degree burns, skin tears, trauma wounds and draining wounds. Our goal is to help our patients remain as mobile as possible during the postoperative period. Our commitment is to bring you the latest and most advanced treatment alternatives, personally tailored to return you to a healthier, pain-free lifestyle. At California Foot & Ankle Institute, we strongly believe that utilizing FDA-approved products to safely facilitate healing is the future of medicine. This philosophy and approach to care significantly improves patient’s outcomes and typically shortens recovery times.


Regenerative medicine, an interdisciplinary field that applies engineering and life science principles to promote regeneration, can potentially restore diseased and injured tissues and whole organs. There are several products on the market that are proven safe and effective in facilitating the healing of injuries. These materials may be injected into damaged tissues or applied as sheets to cover wounds or defects. There are 4 primary reasons we use these treatments routinely:

  • Speeds Recovery Time
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Reduction in Scar Tissue
  • Shortens Recovery Time 

If you are suffering from a chronic open wound, do not hesitate to call us (949) 833-3406 or request an appointment online.  Our doctors are well-versed in this condition and can develop an effective treatment course to get you back in action as soon as possible.