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The Podiatrists at California Foot & Ankle Institute Get Results: Read or View Our Patient Testimonials

We work hard to make sure our patients are comfortable and more than satisfied with the results of the treatments they receive in our office in Newport Beach.

Video Testimonials

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Derelys H.
Derelys H.(Patient)​
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"They've taken extremely good care of me. We've had therapy three times a week, and I feel like the Queen of Sheba sitting here, having them take care of me."​
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Martha F.
Martha F.(Patient)​
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"Any kind of question or concern that you have about your foot issues - they're addressed immediately. I've been very impressed with this whole process."
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Philip and Christine
Philip and Christine(Patients)​
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"My feet look beautiful, and I'm very, very happy! Great results!"
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Dr. Wolfe
Dr. Wolfe(Patient/Retired Physician)
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"As a retired physician, I was extremely pleased. I was extremely delighted at everything that came out, and I've referred patients here in the past."
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Lisa C.
Lisa C.(Patient)​
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"The staff is fabulous, they welcome you like you are part of your family."

Other Testimonials

S. H.
S. H.(Patient)​
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"My feet look beautiful and I am just as active, if not more, than before the procedures. I am no longer embarrassed to show off my feet and I am extremely happy with the results."​
Dr. W
Dr. W(Doctor / Patient)
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"I exhibited literally no pain or distress from any of the procedures performed"​
R. Z.
R. Z.(Patient)​
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"I am amazed that I suffered for three and a half years, and I am excited that I have found Dr. Weber and his services and expertise."
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"I now have less pain in my feet and back, and I can wear my cute heels without trying to take them off"​
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"Your knowledge about this was remarkable and put me at ease immediately"

"Age: 63 Chief Complaint: Bunion left foot. Treatment: Minimally invasive surgical correction of the left bunion. “I just wanted to take a moment to write you a note thanking you all for such a wonderful experience before, during and after my bunionectomy and laser treatments. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful job you did on my foot. You made me feel so comfortable about having this surgery from the moment I sat down with you to go over the procedure. Your knowledge about this was remarkable and put me at ease immediately. Even in the surgery room before I was sedated, you made me feel so comfortable about it all. Thank you again! I also want to commend your complete staff on such courteousness and kindness they showed each and every patient who walked into that office. Jessica and Jackie were always so pleasant and were full of cheerfulness every time I or anyone else walked into that waiting room. They made us feel so welcome and always greeted us by name, even when I'm sure there were times when they didn't feel that way. That, in itself, is very impressive, and makes a person feel very important. Last, but not least... Dr. Reuter… well, what can I say? I'm so appreciate all the foot massages he gave me! Ha... I kept telling him he was really there to torture me, but I knew if "there was no pain, there was no gain." He is a wonderful and kind person and has a very calming spirit. He was always smiling and made me feel like everything would be okay. And it was. My foot always felt better after his treatments, even though he had to put me through a little pain to get there. He also worked well with me on the laser treatments too, even though I almost kicked him in the face when my foot reacted to the heat. I also referred a friend there to have laser treatments and, she too, marveled at his wonderful smile and personality. He is definitely an asset to that office! The staff there is just terrific and I won't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs their feet worked on. Keep up the good work and, most of all, keep up the good rapport with your patients. It does matter to us how we are treated, and because of that we will always come back when we need your services and expertise. Thanks again for everything ... it was a pleasure getting to know you all.”
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"I am beginning to walk and run pain free again."
F. Z.
F. Z.(Patient)​
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"WOW! I was walking the next day! The scarring was minimal, and the pain was too!"
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"After my surgery, which included two tailor bunions, I recovered quickly. I had no pain, just a little discomfort, and was able to resume my daily activities."
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"It was a very worthwhile experience for me and I would readily recommend it"​
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"I felt a considerable improvement about one third into the program."