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Fungal Nail Treatment

California Foot and Ankle Institute Offers Treatment of Onychomycosis ( Fungus Nails )

Safe, non-thermal, non-invasive, pain-free treatment with new clear nail growth.

Treatment for nail fungus includes careful debridement (trimming) of the nails, thinning of the nail plate with a specialized “sanding” device, prescription topical antifungal medication, and in some cases, prescription oral medication.  There are some doctors who prefer to simply, “remove the entire nail” -this is not part of our treatment philosophy.  We are conservative in our approach and put patient safety and comfort first. 

California Foot and Ankle Institute


California Foot and Ankle Institute is now accepting appointments for Fungal Nail Treatment.  Onychomycosis (nail fungus) is a wide spread condition that affects over 10% of the world’s population. In our practice, we see many patients suffering from nail fungus, whether it’s a portion of one toe, or all ten toes.  Living in Southern California where people like to walk around in open shoes and sandals, this can create problems.  


An End to Embarrassment and a Return to Confidence

Thanks to treatment for fungal nails, you can say goodbye to concealing your feet and finally kick off your shoes without worry again. No matter how stubborn or long-lasting your fungal toenails have been, we’d love to help you. Most major health insurance policies will cover the treatments.  Contact California Foot and Ankle Institute by calling us at (949) 833-3406