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  • New Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Treatments for Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Eliminate Pain and Restore Sensation Through Three Innovative Treatments

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NeoGen and MicroVAS Treatments reverse peripheral neuropathy and closes non-healing wounds.

Non-invasive physical medicine has many applications for healing, through 4 simple methods:

Increased Circulation

Elevates tissue oxygenation thus aiding in: collagen formation; stimulates fibroblasts and osteoblasts to promote and accelerate healing of wounds and bone; rebuilds blood vessels; and perfuses the blood carrying oxygen to the capillary beds.

Involuntary Exercise

Promotes Muscle building and re-alignment of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Aids in flexion and range of motion, while elevating metabolism.

Lymphatic Drainage

Boosted 10 to 30 times which decompresses nerves, relieves swelling and inflammation and reduces pain associated with strains, sprains and arthritis.

Pain Management

Pain Management is provided by the blocking of neurological transmission of pain signals and stimulation of endorphins.

The NEOGEN and MicroVAS Systems provide neurovascular therapy. It does this by using a powerful ionic waveform that goes completely through the entire limb or body to create deep layered, pulsed muscle contractions, which stimulate therapeutic angiogenesis. Not only does it increase cellular oxygen levels during treatment, but the levels are uniquely elevated after therapy, providing sustained results.


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