Skin Conditions

Athlete’s Foot

Although athlete’s foot may look like a rash or even an allergic reaction, it’s actually an infection of the feet caused by fungus. Because athlete’s foot could be mistaken for other conditions, it’s important to know all the possible signs and symptoms of this particular type of fungal infection. The most common symptoms of athlete’s […]


Calluses develop when the skin tries to protect itself against pressure and friction. If you are diabetic or have a condition that causes poor circulation to your feet, you are at greater risk of complications arising from calluses.


These are common. Known to medical professionals as ‘helomas’, foot corns form due to unwelcome skin friction and pressure at the foot or toes. Corns are a normal way for the body to defend itself against sustained pressure and irritation on the skin. If left untreated corns can potentially become painful.

Plantar Warts

Warts are the most common viral infection of the skin. Plantar warts, clinically known as veruccae plantaris, grow on the plantar surface, or the sole, of the foot.They can be found anywhere on the sole, but tend be more common in areas of pressure and friction. Examples of Plantar Warts The virus that causes warts, […]


Dermatitis is a general term used to describe inflammation of the skin. Dermatitis of the foot can be the result a number of different direct and indirect causes. Direct causes include a contact allergen (e.g. poison ivy, chemicals) or infectious organism (fungus). Indirect dermatitis is due to an allergic response without an identifiable cause. And […]

Caring for Corns and Calluses

There’s nothing like a delicious, thick shake to satisfy a sweet tooth. It’s great to have a thick head of hair, too. However, if you have layers of thick skin, that’s not quite as nice. Not only is having corns and calluses unattractive, but they can actually cause pain and discomfort too. Knowing what’s causing […]

Blisters on Feet: Prevention and Treatment

It’s a natural response to create barriers against the things that cause us friction or irritation in our lives, whether it be gloves between our hands and our gardening, or cubicle walls between ourselves and that one overly nosy co-worker. Your skin has its own form of protection against friction. When something rubs against and […]

Understanding Athlete’s Foot

The various medical issues we treat at our offices can be put into a few broad categories, including injuries, structural abnormalities, and infection. One of the common infections that your feet may suffer from at some point is athlete’s foot. The medical term is tinea pedis, and being able to recognize it is the first […]

Heel Fissures: Put an End to Painful Cracks

Dry lands are often seen as hostile environments, the ground rough and cracked. They are not places one can expect to thrive, let alone live comfortably. Having dry heels is not quite as foreboding, but can leave your skin looking much the same as a parched land. Cracked heels, also known as heel fissures, can […]

Ganglion Cysts

Few things are as worrisome as coming across an unexpected lump. While some bumps can certainly be cancerous, many others are benign. It is recommended that all abnormal masses be examined and identified by a professional, but one of the possible culprits for a lump on your foot may be a ganglion cyst. These fluid-filled […]