4 Risk Factors for Foot and Ankle Pain

You might experience foot pain and ankle pain temporarily if you injure yourself somehow, like in a car accident or a sports collision. However, if your foot and ankle pain is persistent, there may be a problem. Here are some of the reasons you might be experiencing chronic foot and ankle pain. Age Children and […]

do I need a podiatrist

Home Tips on How to Manage Your Bunion Before Surgery

Bunions can be a pain in the…well, foot. More often than not a bunion will require surgery, but there are ways to minimize the amount of pain in the meantime. However, if you’re asking yourself, “Do I need a podiatrist?” then you probably do. What Is a Bunion? A Quick Overview Hallux valgus, more commonly […]

4 Signs it’s Time to See a Podiatrist

We walk on our feet every day, and they’re a very important part of our bodies. Unfortunately, they often get ignored. But podiatrists are well equipped to handle any foot and or ankle issue that a patient may experience. Up to 75% of people in the United States will have a foot health problem at […]

Foot And Ankle Stem Cell Treatment: What To Know

Foot and ankle pain can interrupt your life, causing you to skip activities you once enjoyed. Often, this pain is tied to a more specific condition. Once you search “podiatrist near me” and find a qualified specialist to check your condition, you can then talk to them about treatments. Of the latest foot and ankle […]

Sports Medicine

How Sports Medicine Can Help You Stay on Your Feet Sports Medicine involves the diagnosis and treatment of injuries that result from physical activity. Foot and ankle injuries are among the most common. If you sustain such an injury, it can keep you sidelined and unable to participate in the sport you love. That’s where […]

Black Toenails—Not to Be Taken Lightly

It can be a real hard-knock life for a toe. There’s a big world full of table legs to be stubbed against, curbs to trip over, and heavy objects to rain down from above. Whatever roughness befalls your toes, sometimes they may come out with dark, discolored nails—also known as black toenails. While this color […]

Sports Injuries: The Wide World of Hurts

Sports and exercise can be a great way to stay fit and find inspiration within a like-minded community. With action, however, comes the risk of injury. Whether purely by accident or lack of preventative measures, anyone from a novice to a pro can be sidelined by sports injuries. Knowing the extent of an injury and […]

Shin Splints—A Runner’s Remorse

Your excitement builds as you take up a new sport or exercise routine. This time, you’re going to give it your all! And you do—until you’re hit with a throbbing pain along your shinbones. A case of shin splints can really kill your enthusiasm for an activity, but a bit of patience and moderation can […]