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California Foot & Ankle Institute

Welcome to the California Foot and Ankle Institute

"Welcome to our website. My name is Dr. Garey Weber, founder of California Foot and Ankle Institute. If you’re searching for answers and a solution regarding a foot or ankle problem for yourself or a loved one, we are here to help.

At California Foot and Ankle Institute, we understand that when your feet hurt, you can ache all over, limiting your ability to do simple daily tasks and to enjoy life. We believe quality of life is important at any age and we are here to help you walk pain free.

Our specialists have a combined total of 125 years of experience. We offer in-house, state-of-the-art remedies for problems ranging from bunions, heel pain, ankle problems, wound care, nerve pain or neuropathy, problems with your circulation, children’s foot problems, fungus toenails and other types of foot and ankle problems.

Our specialties include MIS, which stands for minimally invasive surgery. We do this for bunions, bone spurs, hammertoes, and many other deformities. Please look at our results on the pre and post operative photos, as well as the written and video testimonials from patients who have had treatment by us.

Because we understand that it is important for a patient to have the opportunity to get to know and trust their doctor, we offer a complimentary initial exam.

I invite you to schedule your complimentary foot exam today. We look forward to the opportunity to use our unique treatment modalities and vast experience to get you started on the road to recovery.

Two things to remember:

  1. When someone says it cannot be done – someone else is doing it.
  2. It is not normal for your feet and ankles to hurt. Make an appointment today so we can help you!

Lastly, spend some time looking at our website to see how we can help you obtain pain free foot and ankle problems. Thank you for visiting our website."