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Love Your Skin and Nails Again with Laser Treatments

Laser treatment for fungal toenailsFungal toenails plague the confidence of women and men alike. If you dread exposing your thick, brittle, discolored nails to the world and spend beach trips with your toes buried in the sand like a family of scared ostriches, please know you’re far from alone.  

It’s not difficult to pick up a fungal nail infection. Unprotected feet just have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and conditions such as diabetes, poor circulation, excessive sweating, and trauma to the nails can make the odds all the more likely. Once picked up, fungal nails are much harder to get rid of; especially if not caught early.

There is still plenty of hope for people who have lived with a stubborn fungal infection, however. Our FDA-approved laser therapy takes the fight directly to the fungus, providing a safe and effective way to treat infected nails without the potential side effects of oral medications. 

How Laser Treatment Works

Our FDA-approved laser pinpoints specific wavelengths of light into the source of infected nails, creating heat that destroys the fungus. Now when we talk about heat from a laser, we do not mean the Goldfinger type that cuts through steel. Patients have minimal discomfort during a treatment, which lasts about 10 minutes, and there are no side effects. You can get right back to your day after a session.

We have seen results in as few as four weekly treatments. In some cases, the affected nails might be filed down first to provide the laser a full opportunity to penetrate beneath and into the fungus. We will determine through a culture analysis whether the fungus has been fully eradicated.

However, there will still be a period of several months where signs of the old infection will remain. That’s because, even once the fungus has been killed, the damaged toenail still has to grow off and out. That lag is one reason why you don’t want to put off treatment until the peak of beach season—if you want your feet to look good during those 100-degree days, you should be thinking about seeing us during the relatively cool winter months.

And End to Embarrassment and a Return to Confidence

Thanks to laser therapy for fungal nails, you can say goodbye to concealing your feet and finally kick off your shoes without worry again. New patients receive a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose by discussing your best options with our experts. 

No matter how stubborn or long-lasting your fungal toenails have been, we’d love to help you. Contact the doctors at California Foot and Ankle Institute by calling us toll-free at (888) 796-6631. You can also reach our offices individually by calling (949) 833-3406 for Irvine or (760) 951-2000 for Victorville.