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Got Plantar Warts? No Problem!

Despite popular belief, warts do not come from handling amphibians. They actually develop because of something called the human papillomavirus, or HPV. This virus enters the top layer of skin through tiny cuts or scratches. The resulting noncancerous skin growths are not harmful, but can cause some discomfort. Plantar warts can be especially bothersome, since they often appear on the pressure points of your feet. This pressure may actually cause the plantar wart to grow inward instead of outward, developing beneath a callus and causing pain. Not to worry, though. Dr. Garey Weber offers treatments and tips to get rid of and prevent these warts.

How Can I Tell if I Have Plantar Warts?

This type develops on the soles of your feet. Sometimes they grow in clusters, other times you will only see a small black dot, otherwise known as a wart seed, which is actually tiny clotted blood vessels caused by the virus. Typically, plantar warts are denoted by a grainy, rough build-up of tissue, but if growing inward, they will be hidden beneath the hard, thickened skin of a callus. When this happens, it may result in pain or tenderness when you walk or stand. These can be stubborn to treat and a visit to your podiatrist may be necessary.

What Works on Warts

Warts will often resolve on their own, but there are plenty of over-the-counter treatment options to accelerate the process. Pads and drops with salicylic acid have proven to be affective, as well as products that use solutions to freeze the wart. Perhaps you’ve heard of putting duct tape on warts as a means of getting rid of them. Well, guess what?  It sometimes works!

Of course, if you find that your warts are not responding to any of these remedies, podiatrists like Dr. Garey Weber can provide more advanced treatment, including cryotherapy, which involves a concentrated spray of liquid nitrogen, and cantharidin applications, which cause a blister to form and peel off with the wart.  Electrosurgery and laser treatments are ways to burn the wart off, and if all else fails, surgical removal is a final option.

However, the most effective treatment for warts is our FDA approved laser! Learn more and see the results for yourself

Patience, Persistence, and Prevention

Treatment for warts takes time. Unfortunately there is no cure for the wart virus, which means there are no guarantees that it won’t grow back. The best course of action is to treat warts as soon as they appear, and repeat the treatment often. Because they are contagious, be sure not to touch a wart and then touch something else. Always wear shoes in public areas like locker rooms and pool areas. Also, keep warts dry, as moisture tends to enhance the problem.

For more information about plantar warts and how to treat them, contact the doctors at CAFAI by calling (949) 833-3406. You can visit us online as well, or stop by the Irvine or Victorville locations of the California Foot and Ankle Institute. Anyone can get warts, but there’s no need to worry. We can help you get your feet back into tip-top shape.