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Why does my second toe hurt?

If your second toe hurts, especially down into the ball of the foot, you may be suffering from capsulitis. This condition results in the inflammation of ligaments surrounding a joint, and although it can occur within other toe joints, the second toe is most commonly affected. Additional symptoms include feeling like you have a marble or lump in your shoe, swelling where pain is present, and an increase in pain when walking barefoot.

Inflammation can be the result of excessive weight being placed on the ball of the foot, either through abnormal foot mechanics or repetition of activities such as stooping, climbing ladders, or wearing high heels. Part of treatment will involve refraining from any such activities that aggravate the ligaments.

If you’re experiencing toe pain, consult the doctors at California Foot and Ankle Institute. We can provide treatments to help relieve pain and prevent the condition from growing worse. Schedule an appointment with our Irvine office by calling (949) 833-3406 or our Victorville office at (760) 951-2000. You can also call toll-free at (888) 796-6631.