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What causes foot odor?

Foot odor, medically known as bromodosis, is often associated with sweaty feet, but it is not quite the sweat itself that causes the odor. Bacteria that live on our skin will consume the sweat, and some of the byproducts of this breakdown can create the foul, cheesy aroma that can haunt feet, socks and shoes. In many cases, reducing the amount of sweat available to bacteria or the number of bacteria themselves can improve the odor. Sometimes, however, other factors such as a fungal infection or consuming certain foods can be to blame for the smell or certain variations of it.

If the odor of your feet has been plaguing you and attempts to derail it have not been working, give the doctors at California Foot and Ankle a call. We can find the source of the displeasure and take professional steps to combat it. Call our offices directly at (949) 833-3406 for Irvine or (760) 951-2000 for Victorville. You can also reach us toll-free at (888) 796-6631.