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What are some complications of diabetes?

Diabetes can pave the way for a number of different foot problems, or make initial problems even worse. One of main keys to many of these conditions is peripheral neuropathy, or nerve damage as a result of diabetes’ effects. The loss of sensation that can come in later stages of nerve damage may result in wounds or sores going unnoticed on the feet. Over time, they can develop into open wounds and become seriously infected. Neuropathy can also cause the shape of the foot and toes to change over time, affecting one’s gait as well.

Other complications of diabetic feet include dry and cracked skin, calluses, and poor circulation. It is important to keep all such conditions in check, as well as blood sugar levels, to decrease the risk of serious complications in the feet.

The doctors at California Foot and Ankle Center are experts at diabetic foot care, and keep your feet healthily maintained while showing you the best ways to care for your feet at home. We offer free consultations to new patients and would be happy to see you. Contact us at (949) 83-3406 for our Irvine office, or (760) 951-2000 for our Victorville office. You may also reach us toll-free at (888) 796-6631.

Dr. David J. Rueter, D.P.M.
Dr. David Rueter is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at California Foot & Ankle Institute in Irvine, CA.