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How do I treat athlete’s foot at home?

Treating athlete’s foot often requires some form of antifungal medication. If the case is mild, the doctors at California Foot and Ankle Institute may recommend an over-the-counter treatment such as a lotion, powder, or ointment. These medications aren’t always able to reach deep enough into the skin to be fully effective, however, and prescription-strength drugs, antifungal pills, or antibiotics may be needed for worse infections.

During treatment, it is important to keep your feet clean and dry. This will help cut off the conditions that allow the fungus to grow. Use an antifungal, drying foot powder in your shoes and stockings, and be sure to dry your feet thoroughly—especially between and around your toes—after washing them.

If you have an itchy, burning rash on your feet that hasn’t seen improvement, bring it to the expert foot doctors at California Foot and Ankle Institute. We can determine the extent of the problem and recommend the best solution to bring back clear and comfortable skin. We have two offices ready to serve you: call Victorville at (760) 951-2000 or Irvine at (949) 833-3406. You can also reach us toll-free at (888) 796-6631.