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How do high heels affect the feet?

It’s no new discovery that high heels often cause foot pain, but they can be responsible for additional problems as well.

Elevating your heel places a greater amount of your body mass onto the balls of your feet and toes, potentially damaging your nerves and small toe bones over time. Moving in heels also stiffens the Achilles tendons, which connect your heels to your calf muscles. This may eventually cause the tendons to shorten and remain chronically tight, creating walking pain even when wearing flat shoes.

Heels also tilt your ankles forward, potentially restricting circulation in your lower limbs and leading to spider veins. A host of other conditions are possible, too, from the standard bunions and calluses to painful hammertoes and Haglund’s deformity (aka “pump bump”).

Be wise when choosing your footwear. See the doctors at the California Foot & Ankle Institute for advice on what kinds of footwear will still have you looking great while keeping your feet healthy. Schedule an appointment at our Irvine or Victorville offices by calling toll-free, (888) 796-6631. You can reach Irvine directly at (949) 833-3406, or Victorville at (760) 951-2000.