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How Can I Treat Hammertoes?

With hammertoes it's important to wear proper footwear.A hammertoe is a deformity in which your toe curls downward instead of lying flat. The main reasons behind this condition include ill-fitting shoes and poor foot structure. In the early stages, your toe will remain flexible. This is the best time to treat hammertoes—before they become too rigid and require surgery.

The first thing you should do is switch out your shoes to a more comfortable, properly fitting pair. Orthotics or padded inserts can be slipped inside for added support and cushion. These also help redistribute pressure away from the toe. Gentle stretches, ice packs, and anti-inflammatory medication can alleviate discomfort as well. If the condition goes on too long without treatment, the only way to return your toe to its normal position is to have it surgically corrected. To avoid this, it is essential that you treat your toes at the initial onset of symptoms.

If your toe is bending abnormally and you are having a hard time straightening it and wearing shoes comfortably, pay California Foot & Ankle Institute a visit as soon as possible. You can reach us in Victorville: (760) 951-2000, Irvine: (949) 833-3406, or call us toll free: (888) 796-6631.