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Can I prevent the onset of arthritis?

There is unfortunately no 100% effective way to prevent arthritis. Its causes can be multiple and very complicated. Some factors, such as a family history or the condition, can’t be prevented or mitigated in themselves. However, a number of things can be done to increase your chances of avoiding arthritis or lessening the severity of symptoms if it the condition does happen to develop.

Exercise is an important factor in keeping your joints healthy into the future. Not only does it help maintain mobility and stability, but it can also help control weight and keep healthy blood sugar levels, all important factors in preventing joint damage. Injuries to joints also greatly increase the risk of arthritis, so protect them with proper equipment during sports and activities and see the doctors at California Foot and Ankle Institute in quick time if you do suffer a joint injury.

We can help you lower your risks of arthritis and reduce damage if you already have it. Schedule an appointment at our Irvine office by dialing (949) 833-3406 or our Victorville office at (760) 951-2000. We can also be reached toll-free at (888) 796-6631.