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Summer Wound Care Tips

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Are your feet prone to injury? Do you have a condition, such as diabetes, where your feet get ulcers easily? Before you bare your toes and head to the San Bernardino beaches, we have a few tips to keep your feet healthy and wound free.

Preventing Foot Wounds in Summer Months

Wound can happen year ’round, but summer requires extra diligence. With bare toes, warm temperatures, and fun on the sandy beaches, your feet are exposed to more elements than usual. Wearing closed toe shoes is ideal, but on the beach they can also be very uncomfortable.

Before you shed your socks and shoes, remember these tips to keep your feet safe.

  • Do more visual inspections of your feet. While you’re out and about, take time to look at your feet and do a visual inspection of them for foot wounds. If you typically perform a visual inspection once a day, bump it up to three times a day or more when you’re wearing open-toed shoes. Look for any new scratches, cuts, or other damage.
  • Be especially aware of any pain, swelling, or red streaks. The warm temperatures in the summer months give bacteria prime breeding ground in your feet. If you do not notice an open cut or sore, you are at an increased risk of getting an infection. When this happens, it could move quickly. If you notice any swelling or red streaks on your feet, ankles, or legs, you may need to head to the emergency room or pay your podiatrist a visit right away.
  • Keep your feet clean. Playing with your feet in the sand might feel nice, but it can do serious damage if not cleaned off right away. Rinse your feet off and apply doctor-prescribed moisturizer immediately after you’re done enjoying the beautiful beach and sunshine. Good hygiene cannot be overstated for people who are at an increased risk of foot wounds.

If you think you might have a foot wound after a visit to the beach, it is vital that you contact our Irvine or Victorville foot wound care doctors. We will give you the necessary treatment to limit your risk of infection and start the healing process fast.

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